Namings and Welcomings

Namings and Welcoming:


The birth of a baby is a very special event and bringing up a child is one of the most important undertakings we ever have. Many parents choose to acknowledge and celebrate this and Humanist naming or welcoming ceremonies are increasingly being chosen as a secular alternative to a traditional christening. Whereas a christening is welcoming the child into the church, a naming ceremony welcomes the child into the family.


It gives, you the parents the opportunity to express your love and commitment to your child. The ceremony can be as formal or informal as desired and can be held in any venue from a Castle to the parent's own living room! In addition to making their own pledges and promises to their child (or children), many parents also choose to ask other supporting adults to act as guide-parents (the non-religious equivalent of god parents). I can advise on every aspect of the ceremony including music, readings, and symbolic gestures and with you, the parents, plan a uniquely personal celebration to welcome and formally name your baby.


We could also consider a memento of the occasion such as a certificate. For many, involving the whole family is important and for many parents, the ceremony becomes not just a naming or welcoming ceremony, but a family celebration day!  A naming can be incorporated into a wedding if the couple already have children from their relationship or there is to be a step-parent. It is a lovely way to show that all members of the new family are important in the relationship.