Welcome to my personal website. 


I am George Caldow and I am a Registered Celebrant with the Humanist Society Scotland.   This means that I am authorised to solemnise marriages, i.e. 'legal' weddings as well as conduct other ceremonies such as funerals and namings. 


I am however retiring and am now no longer accepting bookings.  Feel free to peruse my site for information regarding Humanist Weddings.  I would point you to the Humanist Society Scotland website for details of other celebrants.  www.humanism.scot 

This is important as some Officiants/Celebrants offer weddings but are not authorised to solemnise marriages so the 'wedding' is non-legal.  Often the first couples know is when they are informed by the Registrar when they put their M10 forms in for their marriage schedule.


This site I hope will answer any questions you may have about having a Humanist ceremony. If you can't find the information you are looking for here, I am always available to answer any questions you may have which are not explained fully in the accompanying materials. As a man, even with detailed information on websites or instruction manuals, I still often cannot find what I think I'm looking for, so I appreciate that it is often simply better to talk things over with a real person. I promise I don't bite; in fact, I welcome the opportunity to help you.  There is no obligation.


I will try and explain a bit about Humanist ceremonies which may save you from exploring this site any further if the ethos of a Humanist ceremony is not one which you feel comfortable with. A Humanist ceremony is a very personal one. It is about those involved and it is designed in partnership with you. It can include anything that you wish in your ceremony with the exception of any religious readings or hymns. While Humanism is a belief in the rights of all to live a life not governed by superstition or obedience to a god, it is not "anti-religious".  I appreciate that members of your family or friends may have a religious belief, but Humanists and people of faith do share many common values and there is nothing in a Humanist ceremony that would offend anybody with a religious faith and we do our best to make sure everybody feels included.


Humanism judges you not by your ethnicity, gender or sexual persuasion but by your actions. While many people, who do not subscribe to any particular faith, enjoy certain religiously based readings and music, a Humanist ceremony is not able to include such works. If you feel that this ethos is compatible with your beliefs then a Humanist ceremony is one that I would hope you will consider. Please enjoy looking over the ceremony pages and I look forward to hearing from you..