Designing YOUR Ceremony


Once the contract is exchanged I will provide materials by email which will assist you in designing your ceremony.  We will then work together to design a wedding ceremony which is personal and includes all the elements that you wish to make your day memorable.  These materials are not “take it or else” but to be used as you see fit, whether in their whole or used as a template for your own design and words.  I will also give you a DVD of the most requested symbolic gestures.  You will need to gloss over the acting which makes Thunderbirds appear animated but I can assure you that your ceremony will be anything except wooden.  To assist, I also provide a framework and several sample scripts (to show how others have used the framework to design their ceremony - not pick one) to help you design your ceremony.  The only part which is not negotiable are the Legal Vows. (You must accept him and he must accept you – I’ll try not to laugh) They have to be said and are no different from Faith, Registrars or other Belief weddings.


If you have read a book or article or have written a passage which encompasses what you wish from your marriage or are a poet or have someone who writes poetry and you wish those included, tremendous, I always look forward to having “new material”.  Your friends and family can be involved either by participating in the symbolic gestures, blessings or by reading prose or poetry.


Beware!!!!  I can be cruel. 


At least some couples feel so when we first talk about their ceremony.  At most weddings, depending on the structure of the ceremony, I would suggest that you either face each other or towards your guests.  Some couples have never thought about this before assuming like a church wedding they would be facing away from their guests.   You have invited your guests, after all, to see you being married and not stare at your backs, however nice they may be.  When we have completed the personal and legal vows, I would suggest that we sign the marriage schedule in front of your guests.


The process of designing and drafting and re-drafting the ceremony can take some time so I suggest starting at least six months before the wedding and trying to have it basically completed three months before the wedding.  This doesn’t mean that if something really funny or momentous occurs, leading up to the wedding that you can’t add it; it just means you have more time for the less important parts of the ceremony.