Checklist for Wedding

Check venue and Celebrant has the date free.


Book your Celebrant through the HSS website.


All couples should contact the Local Registrar for the area in which you are being married as soon as possible as the Registrar will advise of any potential further requirements for later registration which may not be found in time with waiting for the ten to twelve weeks beforehand for submitting the M10 and witness forms.


At least six months before the ceremony, we start designing your ceremony; this allows plenty of time for redrafting.


Agree script.


Purchase any items required for your Symbolic Gestures.


Four months before the  wedding ensure you have all your birth certificates and any other legal papers ready for the Registrar.


Send M10  and witness forms to the Registrar, 10-12 weeks before the wedding.


At least one week before the ceremony pay any outstanding Balance of fee to 



During the week of the wedding, make an appointment with the Registrar to uplift the marriage schedule in person (at least one of you).


On the day of the wedding, hand the marriage schedule to the Celebrant and have a person nominated to receive it and forward it to the Registrar after the wedding (must be done within three days)



What I provide


A framework to help design your wedding ceremony.


Examples of the various parts of a wedding ceremony


Sample Scripts


DVD of Symbolic Gestures


Details of Local Registrar


The Contract Forms between us.