Ceremony Fees and Expenses


Wedding Ceremony Fees as Set by Humanist Society Scotland.



Wedding/Civil Partnership Ceremony whether Legal or Non-Legal (includes         

(includes Affirmations, Renewal of vows, etc.)

Fee for 2020, 2021 and 2022 has been set at £450.

All bookings are made through the HSS website, www.humanism.scot.  Under the heading, 'Find your Celebrant' - Weddings/Civil Partnership you will find the three options explained. 


1. We'll choose from who is available  (give your date and the HSS will give you a list of Celebrants who are available and you choose) 


2. Choose someone for us  (give your date and the HSS will allocate a Celebrant to you)

3. We've already found our Celebrant (ME)  -  

Click on 'Secure your Date' and fill the form appropriately.  

You will be asked to pay £85 immediately.  The remaining £365 and any other agreed expenses (see below) are payable to me no later than one week before the wedding.  


Wedding Rehearsal (optional)        £80                

Travel Expenses                         As agreed     


Other Expenses (Excess travel time, ferry charges, overnight accommodation etc) as negotiated with the client.



Registrar's Fees (at present)           £70                 

Please note, statutory fees are payable to the Registrar for the submission of Marriage Notices and for copies of the Marriage Certificate. This applies to ALL types of marriage whether Religious, Civil or Belief System. Presently £70.



Funeral Fees



Funeral Fees                                  2021                 2022             


Funeral                                            £160                 £160             


Extended Funeral                           £200                 £200             


Travel expenses.                   45p per mile.     45p per mile     


No fee is charged for an under 16-year-old.



Naming and Welcoming Fees


Naming and Welcoming Fees       2021                  20212              


Naming                                            £200                  £200             


Travel expenses                      As agreed          As agreed